We will work with you in the development of your project and will ask questions. We will consider all your needs and wants in customizing your home to fit your lifestyle.

We will develop floor plans, architectural details, and interior designs for your project.

We will tell you the length of time from start to finish, when we will start, and we will work to complete the job as efficiently as possible.

We will always call you if we are running late to a meeting and will notify you of any changes to the work that is scheduled.

We will assist with the donation of useable building materials that you do not want.

We will keep the site safe and clean, protect your home from dust, and be sensitive to your pets and neighbors as well.

Steve Kunkel and/or a project manager will visit the site daily to ensure the smooth coordination of your project.
 Steve is also available by cell and email.

and respond to call back needs. We will not cut corners just to have a lower bid. We deliver what we promise.

for your new floors, tile work, and countertops when the project is complete.

with classes, seminars, magazines, and participation in industry associations so we can provide you with the latest innovations and expert advice.

Why Steve Kunkel Master Builders?


Our clients trust us. Why? Because we listen to their needs and because we understand that the spaces where people live and work are an essential part of their well-being.  And our design/build process is transparent. We break down the cost estimate into a very detailed and comprehensive list of items for each job.


We work with you. Using a collaborative design/build planning process, we help you with designs and material selections. We utilize the latest design technology so you can better visualize what your remodel will look like when completed. And we’ve been around since 1975 so we have the experience to creatively avoid problems, ensuring that your remodeled result matches your original vision.


We address all questions and concerns prior to any commitment on your part, and we continue this communication with you throughout the remodeling process, and beyond.

Peace of Mind

We take the worry out of the remodeling experience. This is the principle under which we operate and our clients tell us they see it in everything we do. It’s not just the end result that matters. It’s what you do on the way to getting there that is critical.

Reputation & Knowledge

When you’re building a family legacy, reputation is everything. Since 1975, SKMB has remained one of the area’s most respected quality builders. Our clients tell us our experience and our reputations are two of the primary reasons they chose us as their builder.

Diligence & Details

Clients are impressed by the level of our attention to detail. It’s not uncommon for a client to tell us they never would have noticed the finer points of what we consider a properly finished project. We notice and we care. From our perspective, nothing is too small to matter.