A home remodel is a significant investment of your emotional energy, money, and time. For many, the thought of remodeling one’s home can easily bring up as much anxiety as joy. We understand your worries and we will take care to ensure that your experience during the process is as pleasant as your newly remodeled home.

The Design/Build Advantage

We design the project with you and then build it for you. First, we listen to your ideas and get in sync with your vision. Next we create a design that meets all the objectives: budget, function, durability and beauty. Then we work with you to get all that we have designed to fit into the budget for the project. By combining the functions of planning, design, scope of work and estimating BEFORE construction begins then follow through with SKMB in control of the building phase we can ensure that the project will be done on time and within the budget. Ultimately this process will yield the best value for your money. As design/builders we oversee the entire design/build process, from the initial design phase to the final “punch list”, ensuring control over quality, budget and time.

Let Steve Kunkel Master Builders take the “worry” out of the remodeling equation, so you can relax. Give us a call for a free consultation, today!

Step 1. Getting to know You and your Project

Taking our time to get to know our new clients and their project is very important to us. From the very beginning we establish open and honest communication.

From day one you as the client will be part of the team and will always be in the loop when it comes to design, schedule and budget decisions. In our initial meetings with you we will establish objectives, feasibility, design ideas, scope of work and estimated cost projections.

Step 2. Planning and Design

Once the initial scope of work is established we enter into the Planning and Design phase where we immerse ourselves in space planning, design and specifications. We fine tune the schedule and the budget by involving all our subcontractors and getting final estimates from them, as well as getting any permits needed. During this phase we meet with you on a weekly basis to review design and budget decisions. At the end of this phase the majority of all the planning and design work will be completed and a fixed price for the construction phase will be established.

Step 3. Construction

Now all the planning and design is done and the construction contract is signed and it is time to start construction of your project! Since the majority of the planning and design decisions have been made already, our project manager and the subcontractors can focus on their work with a minimum of delays. Therefore our construction time is efficient and projects get done on time. During construction we pay close attention to craftsmanship, cleanliness and time management. The subcontractors we work with have been with us for many years and understand our process and take ownership and pride in their work.

Step 4. Follow Up

Once the construction work is done we will make sure all inspections have been signed off and complete every item on the punchlist. Now it is time for you to enjoy your new space! SKMB has a one year warranty and any call you make to us will be attended to in a timely manner. Your satisfaction with the project is our primary goal.